Smart URLs

This page will guide you on how to quickly create a Smart URL for requesting payments that you can share anywhere, either in your content website, social media, YouTube channel, etc.

You can build and share a link for payments or donations via message(chat, twitter, email). with the StablePay's Smart URLs. You can easily paste the links into your content, like newsletters, podcasts, Youtube channel. You configure the URL to fit your preference in payments.

The Smart URLs follow this simple easy to understand syntax:{amount}/{token/action}/to/{ethreum address}


amount = 1

token = DAI

address = 0x830bAF0080766a88Ff70F124f5016efD4Af9c025

Example 2(send to Compound)

amount = 1

action = cDAI

address = 0x830bAF0080766a88Ff70F124f5016efD4Af9c025

Note: Donations and payments directly from the same token (e.g DAI to DAI) are free of fees to receive, and sender will only incur the gas costs of the transaction like any normal Ethereum transaction. In the case of a token conversion it will incur in a small platform fee that will be deducted from the final amount. Read more here for details:

The link opens the widget, to make to transfer the token.

Wait for the transaction been done, and now the user can be redirected to

For more information, visit: